Bag of Randomness

  • A lot of my evening last night was filling out a stack of paperwork to allow me access to the Treasury Department.
  • So far this week I’ve had two going-away lunches.  I should go-away more often.
  • Wow . . . a no-hitter thrown during a play-off baseball game.
  • OK, Rangers, you are starting to make me a believer.  It sure was neat seeing how many people were getting info about the game yesterday by radio.
  • The Vikings sure do like to make the “in season” trade.  I certainly can’t blame them for they did yesterday, and frankly, it worries me as a Cowboys fan.
  • Are you tired of hearing “Hey Soul Sister” on commercials?  So are these folks.
  • Great idea – a double-sided peanut butter jar with a lid on each side so you can get every last bit.
  • Not too long ago I made a post about a sailor’s remains that were found in a shark after a fisherman caught a shark and it burped up a foot, now there are pictures.
  • Speaking of another item I posted not too long ago  . . . remember that post in which the firefighters let a house burn down because the owner didn’t pay a fee?  Well, Bryan Fischer thinks that Firefighters did the Christian thing in letting house burn to the ground.  If you are really interested in reading his thoughts, the only way I could do so was click and drag my mouse highlighting the text because he used a black font on a black background.
  • The Gap has a new logo.
  • The Snuggie Meets The Electric Blanket
  • Well, duh. Americans’ views of God shape attitudes on key issues
  • New kids’ TV channel raises product-placement concerns
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