Bag of Randomness

  • Southwest Airlines is so lucky to have the leadership and culture that they do.  Yesterday their chairman/CEO/president held a Q&A session with their employees regarding the buyout of AirTran with the event streamed to the whole building.  Just to make sure everyone could ask a questions, they could even have emailed or texted a question.  There was a huge emphasis on retaining the culture, and I can tell you this, most businesses wouldn’t do much to reach out to answer their employees’ questions about such a business deal.
  • A formal announcement about my departure from Southwest was made yesterday, it seemed to be quite a surprise for those that did not know.
  • My cake turned out fine, but was a little dry me thinks.
  • I saw that the Mavericks have a special where you can trade in an old jersey to get 15% off a new jersey with the old jersey going to charity.  Sounds like a win/win.
  • Let me get this right, Major League Baseball plans on having playoff games during the afternoon of a workday.  Yup, they need to get with the times.
  • I saw a segment on ABC News in which a church loans medical supplies for free, stuff like crutches, wheelchairs, and all sorts of other stuff that is needed for a temporary basis.  Talk about a fantastic idea for a ministry.
  • I didn’t watch a lot of last night’s NFL game, but my goodness that stadium in Miami looked empty.
  • No matter how mean you are to me, I doubt I would do anything like this – Woman Travels 200+ Miles to Kill Internet Commenter
  • Jim Tressel of The Ohio State University is the only major-college football coach to teach a class in-season.
  • Patraick Schwarzenegger, son of Arnold
  • SMH – Arizona Diamonds largest group to tour Creation Museum
  • A city made out of staples is actually impressive
  • Teenager forced to drink her brain fluid daily to relieve migraine pain
  • The New Face of American Evangelicalism – ABC News Video
  • Grace
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