Rock Saves Man From Bear

A B.C. man says he saved himself from serious injury or even death when he knocked out a charging black bear with a well-aimed rock.

Logger Jesse Mengler was assessing a rural wooded area near Castlegar in August when he had to put his experience as a baseball pitcher to unexpected use.

He said his truck was too far away for him to reach and the bear was too fast to outrun.

Mengler said he looked down and saw a rock the size of his hand.

“By this time, it was [10 metres] away. I reached down quick, I grab this rock. … By this time, he’s [three metres] away. [I] reached back and just threw the rock and struck it right between the eyes.

“It was like I shot it. Knocked it right out.”

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In case you ever wondered why I post things about bears, it’s because my friend Bone is a big fan of them.

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