Bag of Randomness

  • It was great having Survivor on last night, but I’m still use to it being on Thursday.
  • I bet the Dallas ratings for the show are sky high.
  • You can tell from the start of the show that Jimmy Johnson wasn’t going home.  In the show’s introduction you saw him covered in mud, and when they had their first team challenge there was no mud involved.
  • He showed some weakness in the beginning and admitted he was one of the weaker tribe members which surprised me.
  • I think the producers came up with the idea to have young vs old to try to help keep him in play longer.
  • Man, what’s up with all the men in all their tight underwear?  There was lots of blurred out crotch shots.
  • I really think he’ll make it as far as being on the jury.
  • It was fun hearing the coach in him come out every now and then.
  • I like the idea of having that power medallion, and I thought the older tribe did the right thing by not playing it on the first challenge considering it wasn’t all that physical.
  • If I were ever on that show, I just know I would be the first person voted out.  But there’s no way I would survive, I hate seafood.
  • Interesting that Sen John Cornyn is going to attend a fundraiser for gay Republicans.  I don’t care for the guy, but admire the move.  Eventually the GOP will become more gay friendly, and I’m thinking those that wish to remain conservative but not supportive of gay rights will move to the Tea Party.
  • I’m not really sure why there isn’t a debate between Gov Good Hair (should he win, he will deserve the new title of Gov Great Hair) and Mayor Bill White.  GGH doesn’t want to debate until White releases his tax records.  While I get the point you want the other guy to come clean about possible shady deals, aren’t you doing the public a disservice by avoiding a debate, one in which you can bring the topic to the table?
  • I was reading a friend’s blog and her sister’s husband had a UT tower cake at their wedding.
  • Dell has a hybrid tablet/netbook
  • Golf Ball Hitting Steel At 150mph – Slow Motion (70,000 fps)
  • NY Magazine has a great piece on Jon Stewart.  I have a man crush on him.
  • There’s a Baylor joke in here somewhere
  • Why Glenn Beck Isn’t A Big Deal
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