Bag of Randomness

  • How NFL teams got their names – The Cowboys were going to be called the Steers and then the Rangers.
  • I saw a clip of John Travolta on Oprah and he just looked weird.
  • Mark Sanchez is going to have a heck of a sophomore slump.
  • I expect a lot out of Kansas City this year, they have one heck of a coaching staff and GM.
  • I think the Chiefs need to do a little something with their uniforms.
  • It’s fun watching football played on natural grass during a rain or snow storm.
  • Favorite football warmup routine – karaoke.
  • Least favorite football drill – bear crawl.
  • I eat grapes just about every day, usually red, but this week I’m eating the black grapes since they were on sale.
  • I’m itching for a new camera, but there’s absolutely zero in the budget for that.
  • My first car was a Pontiac Grand Am.
  • My first date was with a girl named April and I took her to the movies and Jack in the Box.
  • I have a new coworker whose last job was for MTV in NYC.
  • I caught the Nightline story of the Medal of Honor that was awarded, well, will be awarded to a living soldier.  Amazing story, and it’s amazing that more living soldiers aren’t awarded that medal, most are awarded posthumously.
  • For my fellow fans of the television series of Friday Night Lights, a Kyle Chandler interview. Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose!
  • A 3-D billboard advertisement for the Wonderbra
  • Ad placement fail
  • For those that sweat in those, uh, intimate places – – they even say the troops use this stuff
  • Miracle Whip Commercials Are Getting Extreme
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