Bag of Randomness

  • I discovered my city has a kick-arse dog park and last night FamilyGeeding with dogs in tow checked it out.  It was definitely the highlight of my Labor Day weekend.  I bet this is what dog heaven is like.
  • Even with one paw in the grave and a badly infected eye, DogGeedng seemed to enjoy his time as OtherDogGeeding was a hyper little fella.
  • Best line so far of ‘Mad Men’ season four – “Hold on, I gotta concentrate.”
  • I saw a parody of ‘Mad Men’ season ten which was pretty funny, but was too crude for me to post a link to.
  • 100% chance of rain?
  • NFL football starts Thursday.
  • Sunday will be very busy as I’ll be attending Yankees vs Rangers and then hurrying home to catch the Cowboys on ‘Football Night in America.’
  • I caught a little bit of the David Hasselhoff roast on Comedy Ceantral and heard the s-bomb droped and it wasn’t even bleeped out.
  • I think it would be fun to be roasted.
  • Saw the first two episode of ‘Breaking Bad’ – quite interesting.
  • Saw Zombieland and thought it was pure greatness.
  • On Friday night I caught the first of a ten part series on the NFL Network called ‘The Top 100: NFL’s Greatest Players’ with players 100-91 revealed.  It was stated that a total of eight Cowboys will make the list.  In this episode, Larry Allen and Michael Irvin were revealed.  At 99 was Michael Strahan which really surprised me.  The guy was good, very, very good, and probably deserves to be in the discussion, but I certainly didn’t think he deserves to be in the top 100.  I’m hoping #1 will be Sammy Baugh.
  • Joe Theismann will be back in the broadcast booth.
  • Speaking of the broadcast booth, I recently heard that Brad Sham was Jewish.  I just thought that was interesting, that’s all.
  • Back in 1978 WFAA wanted to see what would happen if people were forced to drive 55 mph.
  • Tom Selleck will be eternally cool and is the only male that can make a mustache look cool in modern times.
  • Sometimes I’m motivated to write about my thoughts about faith and the Bible, and then I end up reading my friend Andy’s blog and he pretty much just does it for me.
  • How International Bacon Day became to be [Thanks Jonathan’s Dad!]
  • Predicting the future in 1964 – the most impressive stuff is towards the end
  • Live and blog inside a museum for a month?
  • How the people that make those infographics make money and one reason why I cut ties with this particular company – Link
  • Cuteness Overload – Doggie Pajamas
  • 600 Hanna-Barbera Characters Timeline
  • Future of Screen Technology
  • Awesome Interactive Super Mario Bros. Mural
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