Bag of Randomness

  • An academic adviser named Marijuana Pepsi Sawyer.
  • I’m not sure what I think about the season premiere of House.
  • Such a sad story in Denver about Bronco wide receiver Kenny McKinley that committed suicide.
  • My goodness – Beijing Traffic
  • Half Price Books installs North Texas’ first electric car charging station
  • I feel like September has been one heck of a long month.
  • I saw Obama taking some uncensored and somewhat heated questions yesterday.  I love it when our public officials do such things, now I wish they would engage each other like the British Parliament.
  • English author creates sword using meteorites
  • WifeGeeding wants to visit her friend in Washington D.C. and I would like to take her towards the end of October.  Maybe we can work something out financially to make this happen.
  • The huge success of Mad Men has prompted ABC to develop a 1960s drama on the allegedly glamorous world of Pan Am pilots and flight attendants. Variety
  • Grace
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