Bag of Randomness

  • My stupid university still sends post cards to DogGeeding inviting him to a kids event.
  • Speaking of DogGeeding, he’s actually taken a turn for the better.  We aren’t getting our hopes up or anything, but he doesn’t appear to be on death’s doorstep as before.  He’s old, tender, grumpy, and adjusting to his limited sight and hearing.  When it comes to his dry dog food, well, he’s no longer a fan, so I usually have to mix it with we dog food now and almost have to hand feed it to him.  He does have a cyst on his eye we are going to get checked out, but other than that, he just appears to be an old dog that is trotting along, and we are enjoying whatever time we have left with him as much as we can.
  • Yes, DogGeeding’s real name is Tuna.  I named him after Bill Parcells, who I wish was still coaching this team, but with a less limited offensive strategy.
  • The Cowboys are 0-2 and I really don’t care like I usually have in the past.  I can see Garrett replacing Wade in week six of the season.
  • Since I was at the Rangers game last Sunday afternoon I didn’t get a chance to catch any of the games on Fox or CBS.  I’m glad to see Fox change their graphics package, although the play clock graphic shown on the field cracks me up because it has a shadow beneath it.
  • The Saints play their second game tonight but haven’t played since Sept 9.
  • Interesting fact I heard during the Baylor/TCU telecast – The last time Baylor beat a top five ranked team was back in 1985 when they beat USC on the road.
  • Art Briles, the head coach of the Ken Starr Baylor Bears use to coach high school football and my school unfortunately had to play in district competition.  The guy was a bona fide jerk and I certainly don’t mind seeing him lose in a blowout.
  • WifeGeeding was full of hot spots opinions on Saturday.  When TCU took out their starting quarterback she yelled at the the TV, “Well, it’s about time!”  And when I started to watch the Texas/Texas Tech game and she saw the “Jones AT&T” logo on the field she flat out called it stupid.  Ahhhh, I love my wife.
  • If Mike Leach was coaching on Saturday, I think the Raiders would have won.
  • There’s been a lot of talk about things Tea Party senatorial candidate Christine O’Donnell has said in the past.  Look, I wouldn’t vote for her, but if people pulled things I’ve said back in my early 20’s I’d be embarrassed, at that was during my on-fire-for-Jesus days.  Unfortunately, those were also the days in which I have a very narrow view of the world.
  • Looking back at the 2006 NFL draft I hear folks saying that the Texans taking Mario Williams has proved to be the right choice, and that’s something I could not disagree with more.  If they were so dead set on taking Williams, then what they should have done was trade that number one pick and at least have gotten something in addition to the pick and take Williams at two or three, and be able to sign him for slightly less money.
  • I’m looking forward to watching House tonight.
  • Reading Playboy to the blind – NPR
  • 67% Probability that Barack Obama Will Be Re-Elected in the 2012 U.S. Presidential Election
  • Start a blog and win a $20,000 scholarship
  • Making money fishing for dead humans in China
  • 10 Types of Doughnuts From Around the World
  • 7 Traits of Real Men
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