Bag of Randomness

  • Man, what an embarrassment for the U.S. Army Golden Knights parachute team yesterday as they landed, or attempted to land at The Ballpark.
  • Somehow, someway, the temperature dropped 20 degrees yesterday.  Even though I’m still trying to recover from an illness, I took the opportunity to do some lawn work on a most pleasant day.
  • WFAA has a report about Southlake’s QB and his and residency eligibility.  I’m not sure how much a district is suppose to verify residency status, but my guess if there is some cheating going on, the fault goes to some booster rather than the school district.  I feel for the kid, he’s just stuck in the middle of all the mess.
  • Brian Williams of NBC News is one funny man.  On Letterman the other night they ‘followed’ him after his interview.  He was wearing a trench coat, mind you this is summer, and with his collar up snuck into a gentlemen’s club.
  • Jon Hamm, the actor that portrays Don Draper on Mad Men, does voice work for Mercedes.  Talk about a great pick.
  • Should we bring back toaster bacon?
  • In case you wanted to now where you LAY’S chips came from
  • Christians decide to stand in front of a gay couples house and pray and neighbors get upset and defend the neighborhood.  Link
  • I didn’t know Kari Byon of Mythbusters fame has her own show.
  • I’ve had something on my mind about this website as of late and I just may go on a major rant about it soon.  Sometimes venting does some good.
  • I have a friend who describes salad as food our food eats.  I had to think about it for a moment, and that’s actually a pretty funny statement made by my carnivorous friend.
  • Obama pulls a prank while at the University of Texas at Austin.
  • As you well know, NBC canned Conan O’Brien’s Tonight Show, but it was still nominated for an Emmy.  The b-roll for it was hilariously creative I thought.
  • Back in 2001 Dave Chappelle was doing standup and noticed someone in the audience was taping him, so he decided to grab the video camera and have some funny.  It’s Dave Chappelle, so of course there’s a bit of a language warning.  YouTube
  • Jay-Z will be opening up for U2 in Australia.  Man, that would be one heck of a concert to attend, and you know they will collaborate on stage.
  • The band will also be releasing a new CD to its fan club members that is nothing but collaborations with other artists.  I wonder who all the collaborators are.
  • Ticketmaster talks about their fees
  • U.S. Visa’s have a microscopic typo
  • Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, and Ke$ha same song demo
  • Remember the other day when I mentioned that I bought a shirt off Texas based Woot! and they still charged me sales during tax free weekend?  I never inquired about it, but they did follow up . . .
  • Howdy Keith!

    How’re ya doin’? Now, this last weekend here in Texas was tax free, supposedly to get kiddos ready for school, not that any of us have ever been there. I mean, whadda ya need but books? Shirts too it seems, and even when ordering over the internet, yee haw!

    So, don’t you worry your lil head, we already went to all the trouble and refunded the tax on your shirt.woot order(s) from this weekend. You should be seein’ that in your account within the next couple days.

    Sorry if this refund has caused you any inconvenience, though we’re sure y’all will let us know if you’re anything but pleased.

    Woot Member Services

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