Bag of Randomness

  • I was at the point of having to buy two new tires soon.  However, yesterday on the way home I ran over a metal rod that blew out one of the tires I planned on keeping.  It was so damaged it couldn’t be patched, so I was left having to buy three tires, but the tire store no longer carried the existing tires on the car.  I was left with the decision of buying four new tires or having three new tires and one old non-matching tire.  I ended up buying four new tires.
  • When you open a box of cereal, shouldn’t the bag inside be like a zip-lock bag to help keep the cereal crisp?
  • I really enjoyed reading yesterday’s comments on my thoughts selling our military weapons to other countries.  I thought they were very insightful and me learned me something.
  • Thankfully the third episode of  Mad Men redeemed this season.  Only one more to watch before we are caught up with the rest of the world.
  • Watching Mad Men on DVD and Blu-ray has been great, but for some reason the show isn’t broadcast in HD which makes me sad, very sad.
  • An interesting article on how news organizations describe the proposed mosque that has been in the headlines.
  • I don’t like how Obama made comments supporting the building of the mosque two blocks near ground zero and then backed off them.
  • Isn’t there a mosque in the Pentagon?
  • I wanted to check out a new article about U2 on Rolling Stone‘s website only to find their latest cover had lots of nudity.
  • I’m not surprised that the parent company of Fox News contributes money to the GOP, but should any news agency be making political donations?
  • How the Flux Capacitor works
  • Not sure if this is fake, just fast forward to the 50 second mark – Amazing Roger Federer trickshot on Gillette ad shoot
  • The Jesus Pee Pee Miracle
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