The Truth About Diets

Truth about Diets
Via: Weight Loss

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  1. dan says:

    I found this very informative. I've wondered if the Nutri System diet was any good; I'm really tired of seeing their dumb jock commercials. I'm sure those wealthy ex-atheletes recieve their meals for free. In reality it appears the whole concept is built on locking dieters into buying their expensive pre-made meals for the rest of your lives. A gym membership would be money better spent. Two years ago I noticed I was 15 lbs over what the height/weight charts recommended. I decided I would run 10 extra laps at the gym every exercise day and cut bread and potatoes out of my diet. replacing them with stir-fried vegatables. I also replaced snacks with fruit. I didn't miss any of those things and after about a month one of the regulars at the gym asked me what kind of diet I was on because the weight loss was so noticable. In truth, I hadn't been weighing myself and was unaware I had lost any weight until I got on a scale and found I had dropped about 18 lbs. over a month. Diet and exercise: the only thing that works

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