Jennifer Knapp, Christian music star announces she is gay

Gen X Christian music star Jennifer Knapp has come out as a lesbian at the same time that she is coming out with a new album. The 36 year old Kansas native has been a popular Christian music singer since 1998 when her first album, Kansas was released.

Reuters has stated that there are no other well known Christian musicians who are openly gay. Knapp told Reuters that she was celibate for 10 years because she was an unmarried Christian woman. She says she underwent an early midlife crisis and had to look at her faith, her career and her sexuality. She now spends most of her time in Australia but has an American girlfriend.

Jennifer Knapp doesn’t consider herself to be a crusader for the gay community and she still considers herself to be a Christian, a gay Christian. Her new album will be a little more mainstream and she hopes her fans, Christian and non-Christian alike, will give it and her a chance.

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4 Responses to Jennifer Knapp, Christian music star announces she is gay

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  2. KansasCoo-Coonut says:

    WTG Jennifer! VERY tallented artist, if you haven't listened to her music you should. Who cares what her sexuality is? I am just glad she is getting some quality media attention. Her music is absolutely beautiful.

  3. Joanie says:

    Love your blog and have been lurking for a long time. I've also subscribed to The New Yorker magazine for a long time. Here's an interesting article that was featured a couple of months ago so Jennifer has some company it seems:

  4. OB says:

    Although it is good Jennifer is dealing with her personal stuff psychologically, this is sad, since she seems to be ignoring the fact that homosexuality is sinful as a lifestyle.

    Hopefully she will read the scriptures someday again.

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