Canon 5D Mark II used to shoot entire House season finale, director says it’s ‘the future’

May 17, folks. That’s the date when the grumpy doctor you wish you were and the snazzy camera you wish you owned will join forces on American network television. The final episode in this season’s run of House has been shot exclusively using Canon’s 5D Mark II, and the show’s director Greg Yaitanes has been taking questions about the experience on Twitter. PetaPixel have helpfully collated the Q&A session into a coherent pseudo-interview, which you’ll be able to find at the source below. The major takeaway is that the crew liked the experience and didn’t have to do an overwhelming amount of work to adapt to the different shooting method.

It’s quite amazing that a show will be filmed with only a digital SLR camera instead of regular  video camera.  Here’s the camera at Best Buy, lens not included.

But in reading the video review, there’s no time-lapse feature, bummer.  But then again, it’s not like I can afford this camera anyways.

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