Random LOST Thoughts

  • I’m not sure if Sayid’s decided to follow NotLocke because he’s “infected” or because he was promised to be with Nadia again.  If it’s the later, once again, women make men crazy.
  • NotLocke said “Hello Sayid” before Sayid stabbed him, which makes me wonder if speaking first saved his life (per Dogan’s instructions).
  • Sayid seemed to be a lot like Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith with his killing of Dogen and the John Lennon looking dude and his overall being played like a pawn and glazed emotions.
  • The boomerang was a nice gift, and I would say it was somewhat symbolic.
  • We met Sayid’s brother before in a season five episode when they were much younger and Omer was taunting Sayid for not being man enough to kill a chicken.  I guess things are much different between the two now.
  • The loan shark guy that Sayid kills is a familiar face.
  • I did enjoy Smokey going postal.
  • There hasn’t been a significant death in a while, I wonder if that is going to change.  Well, there was Dogan, but his character was short lived, but I have a feeling we aren’t done with him yet.  Oh, wait, we found out Locke really died, so I guess that counts.
  • I did like how Dogan was trying to kill Sayid by sending him out in the jungle with that story.
  • The Dude had a interesting comment the other day that the flash-sideways is leading us to the end of the show, that since everything was reset, we are seeing how life would have been.
  • I bet next week we find out why babies don’t survive on The Island, and it all has to do with no one replacing the current leader.
  • I’m interested to see when we will see Widmore again.  The same goes for Desmond.  I wonder if Christian Shepherd will make another appearance.
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2 Responses to Random LOST Thoughts

  1. Marvin says:

    At first, I was like, "WTF" but then I re-read the title and realized you were talking about "Lost." I watched half of the first episode. When I realized that not ALL of them were going to be sucked into that still-spinning jet engine, I gave up. 😉

  2. Dude says:

    Let me clarify… what I think is that the flash sideways is the epilogue to the story. They can't write a TV ending like an author can in a book, where the giant conflict/ending/showdown/reveal in the final chapter often has an epilogue where we get our happily ever afters. They can't do this in a TV series because the final show would be one long story of how every turned out. The more interesting way to tell the epilogue would be to tell it to us in these flash sideways and then explain how it becomes "reality" in the final show.

    I pitched this to a fellow Lostie and he mentioned that the flashbacks in the first season led us to everyone getting onto the plane… but it was _revealed_ as such until the final episode of the season. He also mentioned that its likely that the writers could leave it ambigious and _we_ have to decide if the flash sideways is the epilogue. But so far, much of the characters in these flash sideways are resolving their inner demons. It would be a nice way to end it.

    Seems Ben's story/resolution is next week. I agree that we will have to hear about Desmond and Widmore before it ends, I would add Richard Alpert's story to the list as well.

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