Fellowship Church and Pastor Ed Young Luxury Cover-Up?

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Of course the private jet is extravagant, and in my view so is a $240,000 a year for a parsonage allowance, which is not part of what sources say is part of his $1 million pastoral salary.  I’m thinking the salary thing should be easy to find out, as just about all churches make staff salaries available, but I wonder if that salary is addition to work he does outside of the church, like writing books and speaking engagements.

As I’ve written before, I’m often torn when it comes to the salary of pastors.  Of course I don’t expect them to live in poverty, and I certainly want them to be compensated fairly, it’s just I don’t know how to define fairly.  I remember once being asked if I thought a pastor that does the same amount of work as a CEO of a large corporation should get paid the same as that kind of CEO, since the work is about the same in terms of scope and managerial manpower.  And I still don’t feel like they should, just as a generals and commanders in the military have similar roles as a CEO or a mayor and governor yet get paid well less, because they do it out of love for country.

I took at look at the church’s website and there is no official response, but Young did make an entry on his blog where he seems to be dismissive of the report he hasn’t even seen.  Part of it is posted below:

A local reporter has spent what seems to be a great deal of time investigating me concerning my integrity as the leader of Fellowship Church.  We have not seen the piece that was aired, nor will we give credence to it by watching.  We do know that the report is scathing and creates the idea that I, along with my wife Lisa, have been dishonest in our business dealings and with our use of Fellowship Church as a means of obtaining personal wealth.

The reporter sent an email request for information, but refused to give us any details or information that he obtained from an anonymous source.  He only said that he has spoken with former staff members about us. But we have no verification of who he has spoken with.  We do not know his source(s) and it is irrelevant to us.  What we do know is that this report was made based on fragments of information gathered out of context and anonymously, and that it disregarded documented information that the Board of Directors for Fellowship Church is privy to and that is known by legal counsel and accounting audits.

The piece insinuates that I keep secrets from the congregation of Fellowship Church and that I use Fellowship Church to create personal wealth. Let me say very clearly, Lisa and I have no secrets.

My life is lived in an aquarium, and I am not ashamed of that fact.

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73 Responses to Fellowship Church and Pastor Ed Young Luxury Cover-Up?

  1. Sherie says:

    Two Words: Product Placement!

  2. cayoron says:

    Think CONTEXT, Andrew. I'm wearing a Yellowstone shirt right now as I'm writing this, but I wouldn't wear it to a wedding.

  3. Gary D says:

    Its a shame that this is the world we live in. Im not saying this is true or not, but whether or not he legitimately earned his wealth…where is the need to live in such luxury? I've known pastors that blatantly refuse a salary upwards of 40-50K citing their desire to not stir any controversy or speculation and to openly display their lifestyle without relying on spokespersons and/or attorneys to speak on their behalf. I pray for Mr. Young that this is n ot true.

  4. Satan says:

    Ed Young is obviously gay and a poser. His camel is stuck in the eye of the needle.

  5. Justin says:

    Leased jet, he's lying to the congregation. Many people who have private jets lease them. I used to fly for a large corporation in TX. We had 3 aircraft, they were company jets, yet we leased them. He's trying to make people think they are chartering jets which is totally different than leasing them. Most of the jets operated by the airlines are leased from a leasing company.

  6. Sherri says:

    Jessica – my sentiments exactly. Spot on.

  7. sherri says:

    It's just a matter of time…it will all come out. Pride cometh before the fall and destruction before a haughty spirit.

  8. Ryan says:

    I have a funny feeling that some articles will come out about Fellowship Church and right before the DA moves in to prosecute, Ed and 1000 of his faithful will move to Guyana. By November 18th, 2018 they'll be found dead.

  9. Sharen says:

    Promotional speaker, promoting and crafting everyone there to clap when nothing was said, and very disappointed that this type of representation of our Precious Lord Jesus is out there!

  10. sarah says:

    Good for the reporter who did this investigation. Others who run the business side of churches in the DFW area have noted that Mr. Young set this church up to his benefit… he has no board of directors , and answers to no one. He has used the IRS code for churches to make this a multi million dollar enterprise. He is a joke among devout christians. The sermons are a hollywood (or Dollywood) production…and he has no substance….as for his affiliation with the SBC they are happy to take his money… but I can assure a more anti-women organization doesnt exist.
    Bet he doesnt talk about vanity… otherwise he would need to confess to all that plastic surgery!!!!!

  11. Truth in word says:

    Thing is, those of us who do own these things don't go around asking the sheeple for 10% of their income to pay for it. Big difference my friend!

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