The Lost Supper

For you Lost fans that love religious imagery, this should entertain you for a while.

(Click to biggafy)

If you want to compare the characters to the original, here’s the list from left to right on Leonardo’s master piece: Bartholomew, James Minor and Andrew form a group of three. Judas, Peter and John form the next group of three. Christ is the middle. Thomas, James Major and Philip are next and Matthew, Thaddeus and Simon are the last group of three.

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3 Responses to The Lost Supper

  1. Dude says:

    Hmmmm. No Juliet in the pciture, guess she did activate the bomb!

  2. Chris Seay, a Pastor out of Houston and a really freaking cool guy, just wrote a book that released a short time ago called THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO LOST.

  3. Sharon says:

    I like this lost parody but I like the Sopranos more.

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