Lil Diner Plate Holder

If you’ve ever dined out with a child who tossed his or her plate on the floor, tipped it upsidedown on the table, or sailed it across the room like a Frisbee, you’ll love this. Just clamp the Lil’ Diner to the table edge, press the plate down on the suction cup, and enjoy a safe, sanitary dining experience. Fits in your diaper bag or purse; holds any restaurant plate (or bowl); dishwasher safe.


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One Response to Lil Diner Plate Holder

  1. Jenny B says:

    HA! trust me, little hands figure out how to undo any device in about 5 minutes, or they just give up, reach in, and smear the contents of the bowl on their head. 🙂 trying to keep a toddler from making a mess with food is like trying to nail jello to a wall.

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