Bag of Randomness

  • Sundays seem shorter than Saturdays.
  • My pastor said something that stuck with me.  He mentioned that when a person is asked to list his or her blessings, usually forgiveness is forgotten.
  • I helped a neighbor install a microwave above his range, but in doing so I smashed my pinky and some of the nail is still hanging on.  I finally got it to stop bleeding, but I keep brushing that nail on everything and it smarts, too bad it’s not to a point where I can just cut it off.  All that to say, don’t be surprised if you see lots of typos.
  • That new Wal-Mart clown commercial is funny, but the first time I saw it I grimmaced in pain.
  • A lot of the weekend was spent cleaning and organizing, and it looks like we are going to go to Half-Price Books to drop off a lot of books that haven’t been opened since we lived in an apartment.
  • When I changed my oil, it was recommended that I get new shocks because one of them is leaking or something, but I don’t feel anything different when I drive so I’m just going to put it off.  Also, I just want a new car.
  • Sometimes a sandwhich just hits the spot.
  • Watching a football game, or some other huge nationally televised event, and reading tweets makes for some very good entertainment, and provides quite a bit of perspective if you follow professional in the field.  Reading tweets last night during the Vikes/Saints game from NFL players and analysts was quite interesting.
  • Last night’s game is why men love sports so much – unscripted drama, stuff you just can’t make up.
  • Brett, come back for one more season, it’s so much fun to watch you play.
  • Favre’s last pass as a Packer was an interception in the NFC Championship Game.  Could the same be true for him as a Viking?
  • Cowboy fans I’m sure are angry, since hey did beat the Saints at their place.  Further more, their coach was once on our staff.
  • I’ll be rooting for a Saints victory in two weeks.
  • Shawn, let this moment sink in.
  • It’s the first time two teams that play in a dome will be in the Super Bowl.
  • One of my favorite Olympic stories is the story of Dan Jansen, but with Visa overplaying that commercial, that moment is becoming ruined.
  • Finally got caught up on watching Friday Night Lights, my gosh, that’s got to be the best drama on television.
  • Just found out that you can make your own playlists and mixtapes on YouTubeArticle
  • Church preaches about ‘My Screwed Up Family’ – I thought the pictures were funny.
  • New Lost promo with a few clues.
  • For you Harry Potter fans, this new addition at Universal Orlando looks pretty cool.
  • Interesting photo, but I wonder if it would work.
  • Football games only have 11 minutes of action
  • Dancing Storm Troopers
  • Apple Tablet?
  • Not sure if this is a true story
  • Brits think bacon comes from sheep
  • Grace
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2 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. warren says:

    Ryan & Dave story is fake…see the date at the bottom "This interview posted April 1, 1999"

  2. anne says:

    I am surprised you still help Brad with projects since you always get hurt at our house. I hope your finger feels better soon!

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