Bag of Randomness

  • Yesterday the third foundation repair person came over to GeedingManor.  The verdict . . . we have no foundation issues.  So it’s funny how that second guy said we needed $12,000 worth of repairs.
  • With all the news surrounding Port-au-Prince, I was curious to know how the city got its name.  Here’s a short version, it’s named after a ship named “La Prince” that landed around 1706.
  • Some folks are still vacationing in Haiti.
  • I also discovered that Love field is named after a military pilot.
  • I saw that Gordon Keith of The Ticket used that picture I edited yesterday.
  • The Restasis doctor creeps me out, but at the same time, I find her a bit alluring.
  • Speaking of being creeped out, I can’t believe that Mo’ Nique didn’t shave her legs.
  • Yesterday a coworker brought her daughter to work to sell Girl Scout Cookies.  That in itself isn’t anything special, but it was the delivery that cracked me up.  Her daughter read off index cards, which was darn cute, but the words on the cards were color coded dependent upon the yes or no answers that I gave her.  Cute and creative, I tell ya.
  • My coworker was hoping that her daughter would get several no answers, so that her daughter could learn how to deal with rejection.  That’s a great move on her part, but she underestimated just how hard it is to say no to that little girl.
  • A lot of talk radio here in Dallas didn’t have a problem with the Vikings running up the score, because their attitude is that the Cowboys should have been playing better defense anyways.  I get that, but I think they miss the point that the Vikings could have simply kicked a field goal on fourth down to increase their lead from 27-3 to 30-3, which still would have put the score out of reach.  Going for the endzone on fourth down was just a way to rub the Cowboys’ noses in it.  It seems like any other team would have kicked the field goal, heck, I’m pretty sure 999 out of a 1000 times the Vikings would have kicked, but there’s something going on that the public doesn’t know about why Childress decided to go for that touchdown.
  • I’m not sure if I should be impressed that Avatar has now made more money at the box office than Star Wars because I don’t think they take into account movie ticket prices from today and the late 1970’s.  I wonder why they just don’t use numbers of tickets sold as opposed to dollar amounts.
  • I heard Leno try to explain his side of things yesterday, and he seemed sincere, but a few things aren’t adding up for me, like the fact that he took the executives word instead of talking to Conan about this very sensitive subject.  Again, what he should have done if he didn’t want to leave The Tonight Show was to negotiate his contract five years ago.  If NBC didn’t want to negotiate, then he should have finished his existing contract and left to go to another network.
  • Another reason I don’t quite believe Leno is that he keeps complimenting Conan but keeps taking shots at him in his monologue.  And if my memory serves me correct, Leno started the mudslinging at Conan.
  • As much heat as Leno has been taking, he was pretty much forced to say something last night.
  • The LA Times talks about that U2 song in that NASCAR commercial.
  • Super heroes guarding wedding rings
  • Congrats to my friends Andy and Jenny on kid #2.
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. JennyB says:

    Thanks, Keith! We can't wait to meet your little Geedingling.

  2. Sharon says:

    Mo'Nique has a reputation for NEVER shaving her legs and always showing them off. She does this for every event, award show, her own show, etc. Maybe she is pro hair.


  3. dan says:

    Heard Leno's version last night also. He dumped a lot of the blame on NBC, blaming them for the prime time experiment and the scheduling disaster. Ironically, NBC is moving heaven and earth to keep him to the extent that they are willing to give $40 million to Conan, even without a serious non-compete clause. It will be interesting to see how well Leno is received at 10:35, especially if he ultimately ends up competing with Conan if he ends up at Fox. I also wonder what was behind the final Viking touchdown. The Restasis doctor looks like she has laser eyeballs. At my work, co-workers use to come in all the time asking associates to buy stuff on behalf of their kids at school. No one wanted to say no to a co-worker/friend and after a while it became tedious. Eventually, they banned it completely.

  4. dan says:

    Just listening to ESPN and if I heard them correctly, the Viking touchdown was unusual. NFL records show that a team going for and scoring a touchdown, when it's leading by 20+ points with under two minutes to go in the playoffs, actually occured once before in 1943. So the Vikings do have a precedent.

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