Bag of Randomness

  • Football has been on my mind a lot this week.  Tonight my favorite college team will play for the national championship and on Saturday my favorite NFL team will try to win their first playoff game of the century.
  • I think I like the Longhorns chances tonight, and that’s mainly because of the defense and the defensive coordinator.  No matter who wins, I think the victor will win by four points.
  • If given the choice of the Longhorns winning the national championship or the Cowboys winning their first playoff game in 13 years, I would choose the Cowboy victory.
  • Growing up, the Longhorns I cheered for were never really any good, so I just consider myself lucky to see them win one championship in my lifetime.  I’m lucky to have experience the Cowboys winning multiple Super Bowls and the Stars winning the Stanley Cup, but I’m not sure if I will ever see the Mavs or Rangers win it all.
  • Oh, and how can I forget that the Sidekicks won it all.
  • It’s crazy the last college football game is being played seven days after the start of the year.  I miss the days of fewer bowl games and bowl games being played on New Years Day.
  • There’s a video of a Philadelphia Eagle’s employee spitting on the Cowboys’ blue star at center field.  Man, people around here sure do get bent out of shape about that star.  It’s not like they spit on the grave of Tom Landry or anything, they spit on the playing surface.   I think it’s just part of the drama of this great rivalry and people looking for bulletin board material.
  • I don’t believe the Cowboys have beaten a team three times in a year, which brings a lot of concern for me, but their attitude and energy seems to be different this time around.
  • I’m getting ahead of myself, like really, really ahead of myself.  But if Wade Phillips or Andy Reid ever become a Super Bowl winning coach, it will be quite a sight seeing playing trying to left either of them on their shoulders.  The both look much heavier than Parcells, Madden, or Holmgren did back in their days.
  • I don’t think Mike Shananhan is going to be what the Redskins need.  His playoff record after Elway really isn’t impressive.
  • Pat Robertson has his 2010 predictions.
  • Blossom is coming back to TV
  • Abe Lincoln said all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test his character give him power.
  • The 11 Best Performing Stocks of the 2000’s
  • Celebrity women faces combined into one
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4 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Kevin_M says:

    Man that Dave Spadaro sure can rile people up, but just for full disclosure, it has not been going over well with everyone up here in the Philly region. Spadaro though is #1 Eagle fan and as an employee of the Eagles he probably should not have done this.

    As for Texas, I like their chances tonight as well. Should be a good game no matter who wins though. Good luck and enjoy the game! I can't say the same thing for your pro team this weekend though. 😉

  2. Chris says:

    The Shanahan hire is really interesting. I grew up in Denver and the knock on him was that the only championships he won was with two all-time greats: Elway and Terrell Davis. I have often wondered the same thing about Phil Jackson in the NBA. A lot of coaches could win rings with Jordan and Pippen or Shaq and Kobe. Or could they?

  3. dan says:

    SI this week had an argument against a BCS play-off; it was similar to the one in the DMN. Specifically, 16 teams would have to be involved to keep everyone happy. This would necessitate the two teams in the championship game playing a 17 game season. The elimination games would have to be played on neutral sites, which would require a lot of travelling by their fans. And of course, 15 teams would end their season with a loss and the BCS game would end somewhere at the end of January. In the DMN, George Will talks about a television contract that gives each SEC team $17 million a season. You can see why some conferences dominate and some will just keep getting weaker.

  4. dan says:

    I hope Shanahan is not a good fit, also. The NFC East is already gruesomely tough. With four championship caliber teams, they will slowly destroy each other during the course of the season.

    I'm really worried about the odds of beating a team like the Eagles three times. There has been speculation that the Eagles were not showing everything in the last game because they were saving it for the play-offs, particularly on their defense. My problem with that is that by so doing they would be forcing themselves into an away game for the first playoff game. Is that a winning strategy?

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