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  • It turns out several you, and I think it was only the IE7 and IE8 users, were having problems displaying this here website.  After some help from one of my most loyal Canadian readers, it turns out it was some bad Google Adsense code that was suppose to display an ad at the top of the page.  After removing it, it appears that all is well.
  • SisterGeeding flies back to NYC today.  Last night we ate Mexican food, she needed to get her fill before heading back.
  • The Daily Show not only has new graphics in its opening but it is now in HD.
  • It’s a shame TCU and Boise State had to play each other in the Fiesta Bowl.  I remember the drama of Boise State playing against Oklahoma a few years back and just how magnificent it was to see a non-BCS school take on and win against a dominant BCS school.
  • I remember when Chris Myers use to be on ESPN and thought he was on the rise up, now he’s just some sort of bit sideline reporter.
  • It’s just weird that the only college football games Fox Sports show on a national level are the BCS games.
  • While watching BigD NYE I think I kept seeing Gordon Keith’s daughter in many of his shots.
  • Interesting palm tree story
  • CBS11 (KTVT) already listed the Cowboys opponents for next year, which looks pretty tough playing in Green Bay again and playing the Colts.  I wish I knew the formula for how teams are chosen, because they were able to figure it out by how all the other teams finished the season.
  • Here’s an interesting article that might be too risqué for some of you.  Miss Universe 2004 posed nude on the cover of Marie Claire (Australia) untouched, no Photoshop or editing, showing uneven skin tones and even a bit of cellulite as a way to promote natural body image.  But she’s getting criticism for it because she’s not an everyday girl.  If you want to read the article, you see lots of skin but no private parts.   A larger pic of the cover can be found here.
  • For my fellow U2 fans, an interview with the Edge.
  • Buddhists forgive Brit Hume for saying they aren’t forgiving.  Link
  • The Christian Post is reporting that Obama did not attend church during his vacation, seriously.
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  1. Sharon says:

    You mention the daily show quite a bit (I love the show.) Do you ever watch the Colbert report?

    I am glad the comments section is fixed. I have always had a problem with it but just fixed it myself before posting instead of telling you about the problem.

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