My Fifth and Sixth Christmas Card of 2009

My fifth card came from long time BoN reader Rev Hart and his family all the way from NYC.  They always put together a very eloquent letter and man, they sure can take one heck of a family picture.

My Sixth card came from Melissa of North Carolina.  She was not only nice enough to address the card to “The Residents of GeedingManor” but she included several coupons that everyone in GeedingManor can use:

  • DogGeeding and OtherDogGeeding can use the buy one-get-one-free Freshpet Select Food coupon.
  • WifeGeeding can take advantage getting $3.50 off ULTA fragrance and cosmetics, but she only has until the 19th of this month.
  • I can use the dollar off coupon for some Rayovac batteries.
  • And WifeGeeding and I both can use the two Olive Garden coupons – $2 off two lunch entrees abd $4 off two dinner entrees – as long as we use them before the 23rd of January.

So far that’s one from Kansas, one from New York, one from North Carolina, and three from Texas.

Wanna join in on the fun and send me card so I can add to the total?  Come on, send me some Christmas cheer and a random coupon or two. You can do it for free, just click here.

I haven’t received any cards yet from Google, I bet they got a ton of request.

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  1. Kimmydoodle says:

    I sent you a google card the first day you posted about it……………..sorry you didn't receive it…………… I'll send my Merry Christmas wishes the manual way, through this post! Kimmydoodle and all the turkeys at Gobble Holler

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