There’s A Hidden Message on the New U2 CD

But I can only make out part the message.

I can make out “FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD” but I can decipher what the first part of the message says.

Here’s a high-resolution photo that I took, that I tried to manipulate with Photoshop, but I had no luck. Just click to enlarge and see if you can figure it out.

I was motivated to closely examine this CD since I knew there was a hidden message on one of their previous CDs.

Edit:  I think I found it, and it’s no more than a copy right line, per this site:

The copyright in this film and artwork is owned by U2 Limited and is under exclusive licence to Mercury Records Limited in the UK, Interscope Records in the US, and Universal Music Group for the rest of the world.

But it does seem odd how a lot of those words are hard to read.

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