Bag of Randomness Mini Late Edition

  • Not that I order a lot of packages, but I like the idea of entering my UPS tracking number into The Google and being able to track it from there.
  • “Never trust a big booty and a smile”
  • Lost thoughts are in blue, skip down if you don’t want to read them.
  • I noticed hieroglyphs on the temple, which I think is now part of the Orchid.  I recall seeing those hieroglyphs when Locke was in the hatch.  Pic and Pic
  • I’ve been thinking about Smokey a lot.  I recall from a previous episode Ben was able to summon him from his house.  That was from the episode where his daughter was killed.  Before Danielle killed her companion, he stated that Smokey was a security system.
  • I would like to know the story on why Danielle Rousseau’s friends seemed to turn on her. That one dude was begging for his life, and then tried to pull the trigger on her.
  • In a previous episode we learned that young Ben was attracted to a girl, I wonder if that girl was Charlotte.
  • Jin finding his friends was a little too easy I think.
  • Ben didn’t lock that donkey wheel thingy is equivalent to leaving the house with the iron on I think.
  • You’ve seen that music box before.
  • I get a kick when I walk into a room and I see that an entire wall is a dry erase board.  I just think it’s a darn good idea, and I want to stand against it and have someone draw an outline of my body.
  • I need new brake pads.
  • The course I’m presently teaching deals with personal finance management, and as I’ve mentioned before I teach in an accelerated adult learning program, so the average age of a student is around the mid thirties.  I tend to think a lot of the material is written for and aimed for the typical 18-22 year old college student, and since I have mostly adults in my class I try to skip over a lot of stuff I think they have been exposed to.  But I always find that the background of my students is amazing in that many have not be exposed to what I consider some fundamental areas of personal finance.  For instance, I have one woman in her early 40’s that has never filed her own taxes, has only worked one job all her life, and before she separated from her husband, he was the one that took care of all the finances.
  • The Dallas Morning News has an article about the Southwest plane that has the SI Swimsuit cover model on it, but the most enjoyable aspect of it is all the comments.  Here’s a sampling:
    • To everyone who says that this is hypocritical of SW for not letting a scantily clad woman on their flight, they don’t let killer whales on their flights either but no one is complaining about the three Shamu planes.

      Brilliant move, Southwest!

    • as a christian man i find this very offensive. those supple israeli breasts beginning to spill out of her bikini top…. her firm bronzed stomach…. just disgusting and offensive. and those legs… those smooth long legs that just go on and on. i am sickened.
    • It’s perfect.  If the plane has to land in the Hudson, then at least the artwork is appropriately dressed.
  • Jon Stewart was brilliant last night.
  • I’m really looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow morning.
  • I’ve been eating better and working out quite a bit, but I haven’t seen much progress, but I do feel better overall.  And I can’t believe I just put two buts in that last sentence.
  • With the economy stinking it up and corporations are doing what they can to save money, I bet Jerry Jones won’t get anyone to sponsor naming rights for the new stadium.  I bet it will have a generic name, like the Ballpark in Arlington, or maybe even Texas Stadium.
  • Friday night will probably be spent watching Thursday night shows recorded on the DVR.
  • My DVD’s that I ordered from the Church of the Resurrection that I ordered on Tuesday night came in the mail yesterday.
  • I plan on buying top soil soon to level out some of my backyard which has a massive slope.
  • I may end up buying a new weed-eater this spring.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness Mini Late Edition

  1. Dpcbb says:

    THANK YOU for putting the LOST thoughts in a color. This is a fine example I why I enjoy your site. I don't watch the show, so reading those we be a total time waste and make no sense to me. Thank you for saving me two minutes today.

    Oh crap, I just wasted that time writing this comment. Oh, well…

  2. David Bryant says:

    “I’ve been eating better and working out quite a bit, but I haven’t seen much progress, but I do feel better overall. And I can’t believe I just put two buts in that last sentence.”

    If you keep working out and eating better you will find that those two buts go away…plus, you don’t want to be drawn on the white board with two butts

  3. dan says:

    1) From a past post: The Michael-Vick-to-Dallas rumors began to surface last week, as predicted first in BON.

    2) Weed-eaters: If there is a trick to operating a gas power weed eater without repeatedly breaking the line, let me know. I can’t get the entire yard done without having to replace the line at least once.

    3) Personal Finance: It doesn’t surprise me that a large percentage of people don’t understand compound interest, how to file a tax return, or how to reconcile a checking account. Part of the blame for the current economic mess can be traced to people who are incapable of saving up a downpayment for a new home or understanding how an adjustable rate mortgage works.

    4) If you are eating the same as before and working out vigorously for thirty minutes a day, three days a week, the weight has to drop. Calories burned exceeds calorie intake: something has to give. Two of the reasons weight-loss programs fail is that either people unconsciously compensate for the exercise by eating more or they give up too early.

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