Bag of Random Lost Thoughts

  • Widmore made mention that Locke’s parents had a sense of humor with his name, so he made sure his alias also had a bit of humor to it as well.  Both names, John Locke and Jeremy Benthan, represent two opposing thoughts of two 17th and 19th century western philosophers – natural law verses Utilitarianism.  If you really want to check out something kind of creepy about Benthan about how he wanted his body preserved after death, read this Auto Icon section.  Yup, that Widmore is a funny fella.
  • I didn’t really get the whole Locke introduction, where he was dressed up like an Jedi.  But the way this show has been going, I wouldn’t be surprised to seem him wield a lightsaber.  If you are looking for a better sci-fi connection, I’m thinking Spock from Star Trek III The Search for Spock.  And since I’m on a Star Trek kick, remember Spock’s quote at the of the second Star Trek movie?  “The need of the many outway the need of the few.”  Utilitarianism at its best.
  • Frank Lapidus was able to land Flight 316 pretty much in one piece on Hydra Island?  Maybe he’s related to Sully.  Remember, Hydra Island is a small island off the shore of the The Island.
  • I think Locke wanted to sit in that wheelchair as much as he wanted to be put in a coffin.
  • So Widmore use to be President Other and was replaced by Ben.  Other than a power trip, I wonder what’s the reason for the takeover.
  • Ben killed Locke, but not before getting more precious information out of him, but I’m sure Ben knew that to get back on The Island he would need Locke to get back there, and that once back on The Island he would run into an alive and well version.
  • It was nice to see Walt, but I think Locke just couldn’t bring himself to bring the kid along much like he didn’t want to contact Sun.
  • You know, if I died and came back to life knowing I was prepared for burial and put in a coffin, one of the first thoughts in my mind would be . . . who has seen me naked?
  • I wonder if Locke’s ex is really dead.
  • Did you notice the name of the hardware store Locke bought the extention cord from?  Pic
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  1. Kevin says:

    I also took note of the date on the tombstone of Helen.

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