Filmmaker Turning His Glass Eye Into A Video Camera

If you find yourself in a conversation with Toronto filmmaker Rob Spence a few months from now, remember to smile — you’re probably on camera. Today at the 6Sight Imaging Conference in Monterey, Spence will discuss how he’s turning his prosthetic eye into a wireless video camera — and his plan to turn the eyes of George Orwell’s Thought Police back at Big Brother.

Spence, 36, lost vision in his right eye at the age of 11, when he was shooting cow patties in Ireland with his grandfather’s shotgun and the gun backfired. He wore a patch for most of his life, until finally having the eye removed a few years ago and replacing it with a prosthetic. Adding a camera to the prosthetic was the logical next step, said Spence.

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And if you are interested, he has his own blog.

Maybe I should get a video camera installed in my wife’s glass eye – it will be more material for the blog.

And yes, I know this is the second glass eye post this week.  I’ve reached my quota for the month.

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2 Responses to Filmmaker Turning His Glass Eye Into A Video Camera

  1. David says:

    Oh, so you have a limit on glass eye posts but there is no limit on bacon related posts.

    You are a strange bird…

  2. Warren says:

    You’ve also hit the Canada-Ireland quota in one day. You’ve just posted two back to back stories about a Canadian (filmmaker & Air Canada pilot) with an Irish connection (lost his eye in Ireland shooting cow patties & landing the plane at Shannon in West Ireland).

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