An interesting take on Gilligan’s Island

A faithful reader sent the following in an email:

Years ago, CBS had a popular little series called GILLIGAN’S ISLAND. There is, however, a dark secret about this “comedy” you may never have realized.

The island is a direct representation of hell. Nobody on the island wants to be there, yet none are able to leave.

Each one of the characters represents one of the 7 deadly sins:

– Ginger represents LUST – she wears skimpy outfits, is obsessed with her looks, and is a borderline nymphomaniac.

– Mary Ann represents ENVY – she is jealous of Ginger’s beauty.

– The Professor represents PRIDE – he is an annoying know-it-all.

– Mr. Howell represents GREED – no explanation needed.

– Mrs. Howell represents SLOTH – she has never lifted a finger to help on and of their escape plans.

– The Skipper represents two sins: GLUTTONY – again, no explanation needed and ANGER – he violently hits Gilligan on each show.

– This leaves Gilligan. Gilligan is the person who put them there. He prevents them from leaving by foiling all of their escape plots. Also, it is HIS island. Therefore, Gilligan is SATAN.

Crazy? He does wear red in every episode…

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  1. paul says:

    andy did a series about this a few years back…its in the audio archives.

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