Sometimes it pays to blog

A while back a posted about the GoateeSaver.  The inventor left a comment and asked if I would like to have a free GoateeSaver.  So now it looks like it’s time for me to grow a goatee again.

I think I’ll now blog about Aston Martins, maybe I might get one of those for free.

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3 Responses to Sometimes it pays to blog

  1. HeyJules says:

    I’m going to go blog about Ben and Jerry’s ice cream RIGHT NOW!

  2. Jonathan says:

    if you got everything you blogged about, you’d be blogging from a mental institution!

  3. Darren says:

    I saw your piece on it and emailed them. We did an interview
    with him and they sent me a couple of them for give-a-ways.

    Wish I could grow a decent goatee to use it!

    Now, setting my sights on interview with Hugh Hefner-hoping
    he’ll be as nice!

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