Price of eternal salvation: $12.79

SEATTLE — Want to live a sin-filled life without any consequences and also be guaranteed a spot in heaven?

A local Web site claims space is limited, but if you act now you can buy a reservation in heaven.
is standing by to take your order. For just $12.79, Nate Davis and Edgar Kim are selling reservations in heaven.

“Why go to church when you can go to our Web site,” Davis said. “Click, click, $12 and you’re going up (to heaven),” he said.

And those reservations come with a money back guarantee.

“We’re men of our word,” Davis said.

“If you don’t get there, you’re going to get your money back,” Kim added.

Without a reservation, the site warns heaven-hopefuls to expect long lines, thousands of steps on the stairway to heaven and haggling with St. Peter at the Pearly Gates.

But, there’s more. If you opt for the all-access kit for $15.95, you also get access to the VIP areas in heaven.

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Feel free to reserve a spot in Hell.

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