Pizza Shop Robbed By Employee’s Father

A Denton pizza restaurant employee surprised by a robbery Friday says she was even more surprised by whom the robbers were.

As Stephanie Martinez was getting money out of a cash drawer Friday night, another clerk fought back against the gunman, knocking off the wig and sunglasses disguising him.

“I dropped the money,” Ms. Martinez said. “I said, ‘Don’t hit him again! That’s my dad!’ And he said, ‘What’s he doing here?’ and I said, ‘I don’t know!’ ”

Police say the suspect, Benjamin Ramirez, 41, ran out of the Pizza Patron in the 100 block of East University Drive to a pickup truck, where Ms. Martinez’s mother and husband were waiting.

Witnesses followed the pickup and helped lead police to it, where Mr. Ramirez, Sonia Palacios, 38, and Jose Miguel Martinez, 26, were arrested.

Denton police say they believe Ms. Martinez didn’t know her family was planning the robbery.

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  1. woody says:

    That’s gonna make for some awkward silence during prison visits!

    “Nothing personal, princess. It’s just business!

    “What?! Her sister couldn’t take time off to enjoy a little family fun time?”

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