Dallas Observer Article Thoughts

This post is mainly for those that live in the DFW area . . .

I finally got a chance to read the Dallas Observer article about Greggo and The Ticket and it was extremely interesting.  Some things that stood out:

  • I had no idea that a DJ in Dallas could make up to $500,000 a year.  If Greggo made that as a co-host, I wonder what someone like Kid Kraddick makes.
  • That must also mean the other personalities aren’t doing too bad for themselves.
  • It was interesting how the concept of The Ticket started – just 3 men talking at a Rangers game.
  • Greggo had lap-band surgery.  I can understand how that can be embarrassing to let the guys know such a thing.
  • I never noticed the quality of the show diminishing.
  • I was surprised that addition of Corby was such a distraction.
  • Amazing that Ryner wants nothing to do with Greggo.  Understandable, but still amazing.
  • To be a fly on that while when all the hosts got together with him would have been jaw dropping.
  • The Ticket was better with Greggo.
  • The Ticket still makes a lot of reference regarding Greggo’s interview of the Dallas Police Chief.  I have to admit, it was hilarious, but now I wonder if he was high on cocaine or scared to death knowing he was an addict and was interviewing the top cop in Dallas.
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5 Responses to Dallas Observer Article Thoughts

  1. Alex says:

    Here is the Hardline’s response to the observer article (mp3 link):

  2. Richard says:

    Personally I like it better without him.


  3. Nathan S. says:

    Yes.. this is exactly why I listen to ESPN. Sports not drama.

  4. Anne Elk, Miss says:

    To me, the essence of this whole imbroglio boils down to this one quote from Greggo:

    “It’s not like I was some strung-out junkie screwing everybody over,” Williams says. “The person I was hurting was myself.”

    And still, Greggo is incapable of seeing the effects of his actions on others. IT IS ALL ABOUT HIM. Showing up late, going on the air wasted, and lying to the people who he supposedly cared so much for was pissing away their futures as much as his own. Good riddance.

  5. Brandon says:

    You can hear all three Hardline segments on the response:


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