Bag of Randomness

  • I think the first time I ever heard the word “chipotle” was about seven years ago, now I hear it about 10 times a day.
  • So far I’m not impressed with the new latest and greatest search engine that’s suppose to rival The Google.  Let’s just say when I did a search for my last name that I wasn’t impressed.  Heck, whenever I searched “bag of nothing” or “bag of nothing” I can’t even find my website.
  • Bobby Flay’s third and current wife is from Dallas, and her favorite meal is biscuits and gravy.
  • Last Dallas officer on duty when JFK shot retires – I think the most interesting part of this article is that he worked the night shift and slept during the day, so when he woke up he found that Kennedy was shot dead in his city and LBJ was president.
  • I think my custom made arch supports are helping.  However, when I ordered them I had the choice of choosing what type of surface, and for some reason I chose leather because I thought it would hold up longer.  However, I’m finding out that when I work out the leather causes friction and I’m getting some blisters on my feet.
  • One of the best things I like about training camp is to follow a few players that are “on the bubble.”
  • The presidential election is less than 100 days away – at least that’s what someone on the radio said.  I didn’t do the math, but that sounds about right.
  • A tiny and abbreviated Super Mario Bros game.
  • Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailer
  • SisterGeeding is in Cincinnati on her way to NYC and wanted to drive by the house our father grew up in.  I took a quick look using Google Street View and it appears the house was torn down and replaced with a gas station.  She’s going to confirm that.  I didn’t expect for it to still be there considering my father was born in 1923 (that’s not a typo).  However, his high school is still up and running.  I’ve always wanted to visit Cincinnati as sort of a pilgrimage to my father’s past – he had a lot of good stories about that city.
  • Weird dream.  Tony Romo suffered a severe injury during training camp and Jerry signed Brett Farve.
  • I wonder if Batman has a TollTag on the Batmobile.
  • I heard that Boys II Men will be performing at the ‘local’ casino in Oklahoma.  How the mighty have fallen.  But I also see Huey Lewis, Kenny Loggins, and Frank Caliendo (his Madden impression now gives me tired-head) will also be playing and I might just decided to check one of them out.  Link
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  1. T says:

    You must get up to Cincinnati! My own family is from there. They have a beautiful skyline and a lot of old high schools such as Withrow. My own cousin is a graduate from that HS.

  2. Tony Romo says:

    thanks for thea article, love Tony Romo.. he has taken the NFL and POP Culture by storm!

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