Bag of Randomness

  • I refuse to create a MySpace, FaceBook, or LinkedIn page because I’m scared one of my many psycho ex-girlfriends will track me down.  Actually, I don’t want anyone to track me down and bog me down with small talk and fake sincerity.  If I wasn’t important enough for you to keep tabs on me before, then I’m not important enough for you to keep in touch with me now.  It’s a good thing I can’t be found with tools like Google.  Oh . . . .
  • With that said, an old college roommate of mine found WifeGeeding’s Facebook page and sent her a message that started “Hey Keith . . .”
  • That same roommate kept a cat in our dorm room.  I hate cats in the most Christian way possible.
  • I’ll always remember when that roommate’s mother walked into our dorm room, looked at my stuff, and unabashedly say, “How tacky.”  I kinda felt like she walked into my home and took a giant dump in the middle of the floor.
  • That roommate also had a bad diagnosed case of ADD.  After rooming with him I wanted to change my major and dedicate myself to finding a cure for ADD to benefit all of mankind.
  • I think that was the first time I actually typed the word “unabashedly.”
  • Another one of my college roommates (who is still one of my best friends) use to work at the post office doing some sort of mail soring data entry stuff.  You know those little bars that the post office puts on the envelopes, he did that.  At lunch he would often tell us that a letter from such-and-such would be arriving the next day and it sure enough it would.  He also encouraged all of us to use the ZIP + 4 on our zip codes to make his job easier.  Most amazingly, we would quiz him on ZIP codes on Texas cities and he never would miss one,  even when we tried to trick him.  For instance, if you asked him the ZIP code for Tyler, TX, he would come back and tell you all the ZIP codes for Tyler and what areas they correspond to.    It was a trick that never got old.  Years later when I introduced him to my wife and she mentioned her home town, he responded, “Oh, Lindale . . .75771.”
  • I also had a roommate that revealed to me that he was gay years after we roomed with each other.
  • I often look at the dates on coins and keep the ones that have my birthyear.
  • KRLD Restaurant Week is almost here - fine food for cheaper prices for a good cause.  Make your reservations now.
  • Another former college roommate of mine where thinking about traveling to Arizona to watch the Cowboys play the Cardinals.  Most of Cowboys games in Arizona are like a home game for them, but it appears the Cards are trying to keep Cowboys fans out by making those who want to buy tickets to the Cowboys game on Oct 12 must also buy tickets for a pre-season game.  Link
  • Speaking of football related stuff, Drew Bledsoe is in the coffee business.
  • Monica Lewinsky recently turned 35.  Making a mistake in her young adult years is probably making it hard to find a husband now.
  • I don’t know what queen size is but I have a feeling it’s not a good thing.  I’m also scared to Google it.
  • I finally picked up my custom made arch supports.  They feel weird, but in a good way.
  • I use to schedule posts to appear throughout the morning between the hours of 6-10, but now I usually have all the posts appear from 6-7.
  • I get nervous that I’m going to get a ticket when I take a “right on red” on a photo-enforced street light.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Wife Geeding II says:

    You will get a ticket on right on red with a photo enforced street if you don’t come to a complete stop. If you tried to fight it, they have video of you “rolling” thru the light! Isn’t that special????

  2. Jonathan says:

    I had a roommate do the exact same thing. You’ll have to guess which thing…

  3. Suzi says:

    I’d wondered about you and LinkedIn. I’ve found it to be a great resource. I got my current job via someone I know only via LinkedIn, and had a promising interview today (I’m a contract employee) with a recruiter I’d met several years ago who saw that my LinkedIn profile indicates I’m preparing for a new job search.

    At any rate, I strongly recommend LinkedIn for anyone interested in reconnecting with former co-workers, remaining in touch with friends as they move from job to job, and or networking/job search.

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