Bag of Randomness

  • Here’s an article on something that I’m a part of, but I actually work more on the website side of things.
  • I can’t think of anything to put on my Twitter posts that’s somewhat interesting.  I drive, work, eat, sleep, and blog.  That’s just about it.
  • Our NBC affiliate has a commercial that introduces their new meteorologist, Jennifer Lopez.  I always do a double take.  I think this Jennifer Lopez would be much nicer to meet than the actress/singer.
  • I have a wager with a friend at work on whether or not he can beat my NFL prognostication result of 66% from last year.
  • At my lost job, there couldn’t ever be any mention of wagering.  As a matter of fact, accessing fantasy sports stuff was considered a firable offense.
  • I’m having to do a little bit of dry wall work in the master bathroom.
  • I hear the Jonas Brothers are moving to Westlake.  I know nothing about them other than I think they are Disney related.  I use to work in Westlake and use to stair at the mansions being built across from the office and always wondered who would move into such a place and how the heck did they get all that money.  Here’s a satellite view of some of the houses.
  • Terry Bradshaw does have a ranch out there, you can view it here.  I remember driving in front of it and seeing a big 12 on the gate.  I tried to view it using Google Street View, but there’s a glare.  Funny, Google Street View his the rural community of Westlake but can find time to visit my lovely metropolitan area.
  • Also, Westlake is one of the few places in Texas that has no property tax.  Link
  • Mmmmmmmmmmmmm . . . breakfast burritos.
  • The first movie I ever watched in a theater is Popeye.
  • Extra just gave away a major something-something about the upcoming X-Files movie that will take away from my movie watching experience.
  • Blogging is going to suffer because I’m working on the bathroom.
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3 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Jonathan says:

    This blog post is full of twitter posts…

  2. Brett says:

    My blogging suffers when I’m working IN the bathroom.

  3. Jevad says:

    Your post about Westlake had me interested in real estate in Texas compared to NJ…. and yes they are quite expensive there (even by NJ standards) check out zillow for the site you listed ->!As:32970763!Ae:AN97185703!An:32978882)&mode=(zoom:15!sortANdir:u!sortANparam:x20)

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