Yes, I Am a Preacher’s Kid

I’m a preacher’s kid.

It’s only lately that I’ve realized just how much that identity has affected me. It’s written on ever facet of my life. It’s affected me in good ways and bad ways. And in many, many sad ways.

The thing that makes me most upset about being a preacher’s kid-“PK” as we’re often called-is that no one really understands our specific experience, nor the specific pressures that come with it. In society, we’re typically stereotyped. Made fun of. Looked up to yet resented at the same time. It never really occurs to people to ask us who we are. And it never occurs to people that many of us are in pain. And are terrified to talk about it.

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3 Responses to Yes, I Am a Preacher’s Kid

  1. Jonathan says:

    I’m really sorry that she had that experience as a Pastor’s Kid. I’m sure the majority have her story to tell; but there are others. There are those that grew up a Pastors Kid and it was totally healthy. Not all Pastors do their job at the expense of their families.

    I would much rather have it said of me that I was an allright Pastor, but an excellent father; then the other way around.

    ….and I wish she would open up her comments!

  2. Her blog is so sad. It caught my attention because I am also a ‘PK’. I thought it was going to be something altogether different than what it was. She has been emotionally hurt and seems to be very bitter. I, too, was bitter for awhile. I ran from God’s calling on my life when I knew that I was to marry a pastor. I never wanted my kids to have to be considered ‘goody-two-shoes’ or constantly looked down upon if they weren’t perfect. But there truly are a lot of good things that I would not be the same without had I not been a PK. All in all I am blessed to be called a PK and my bitterness has been healed. I will marry a Pastor this fall.

  3. paul says:

    im a pk too, and i can honestly empathize. i hated church for a long time and dreaded going b/c of all the abuse my sisters and i would take. needless to say, it sucked. i think it has just been recently (like the last several years) that i have started to enjoy the church again.

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