Texas Stadium Tour

For my anniversary, WifeGeeding gave me some passes for a tour of Texas Stadium.  This is something I have always wanted to do, and since this is the last year the Dallas Cowboys will call this place home,  I needed to do it sooner than later.  I wanted to go before the season started to avoid the crowds, but surprisingly the tours averaged about 20-40 folks with people coming from all over the country.  Tours cost $12 buck for an hour long tour in case you were wondering.  I bet tours at the new place will be closer to the $25 range.

Along with WifeGeeding my buddy Bone tagged along and you will see him in a lot of the pictures.  WifeGeeding actually had a video of us running routes on the field, but for some reason, she only recorded the ones where I dropped the ball.  And just for the record, I played tight end back in the day.

It was a bit surreal as I entered the stadium and the first person to great me was Everson Walls.  He was setting up a table so he and Michael Downs could sign some autographs.  It was funny hearing some kids ask him questions after the tour.  One kiddo asked him who played quarterback while he was playing.  Everson named Danny White and Steve Pelluer (even mentioned his Survivor appearance).  But when he mentioned Gary Hogeboom he referred to him as “Hogabooms.”

Training camp starts in about 26 days . . . it can’t get here soon enough.

Edit: There’s one picture I think worth seeing. It’s the one with the NFL Personal Conduct Policy. You’ll see someone wrote in “No Dog Fighting.”

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4 Responses to Texas Stadium Tour

  1. Starr says:

    We took that tour and I thought it was super cool – even though I’m not really a sports fan. (Although I do enjoy football season…the games lull me into the best naps on the couch.)

  2. dan says:

    Noticed Romo’s locker still had some stuff in it. It’s surprising with all the people passing through there that items hadn’t been “liberated’. Also what’s with the yellow wire coming down out of the loose ceiling tile and running past T.O’s locker? I’m guessing he’ll sound off about that when he gets back into town

  3. Jamie says:

    Great pictures, i need to take that tour before they move to the new stadium. Thanks for sharing

  4. Bronson says:

    Bored at work, but that is an awesome tour. I need to take that tour. One question I just notice that Roy Williams changed his number to 38, whats the story on that? That look an awesome day.

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