Ross Perot launches Web site about U.S. ‘economic crisis’

Billionaire former presidential candidate Ross Perot is starting a Web site to highlight the “economic crisis” facing the country because of deficit spending.

The Web site announced Monday is, a play on Perot’s use of economic charts in political advertisements during his 1992 and 1996 presidential campaigns.

In a statement Monday, Perot said the nation’s debt reached $9.4 trillion in April and is rising more than $1 billion a day. “We are leaving our children and grandchildren with debt they cannot possibly pay,” he said.

The Web site, which Perot said is nonpartisan, includes a video of Perot, a blog and a chart presentation explaining the nation’s economic problems.

The site was praised by David Walker, former U.S. comptroller, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, and former U.S. Sen. and Oklahoma Gov. David Boren.

Perot, 77, founded Electronic Data Systems Corp. and later Perot Systems Corp., both of which provide technology services to other companies and government agencies. Last year, Forbes magazine estimated his personal wealth at $4.4 billion.


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