Obama’s VP?

Last month I asked who should be McCain’s running mate.  From the response I got, it appears that Huckabee would be a good choice.  So to be balanced, who do you think would make a good running mate for Obama?  I’m not asking that you be for or against the guy, but who do you think would make him more electable?

My first choice would be Bill Richardson.

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8 Responses to Obama’s VP?

  1. dan says:

    He needs someone who:
    1) brings in votes, especially votes he has a hard time getting otherwise and
    2) someone who would be a good choice to take over if anything happens to him. Using the primary results that person is probably Clinton.
    The problem is whether she and, more importantly, Bill would undermine him following the election.

  2. Patrick says:

    Anyone but Hillary Clinton.

  3. Darren says:

    If he wants to win, he needs Hilary and Bill.
    Don’t be surprised if McClain tabs Condeleeza Rice
    as his veep.

    It’s going to be intersting in November.

  4. warren says:

    Hillary getting it would position herself for a slam dunk for the nomination next time they’d need a candidate.

  5. Andy Box says:

    I vote for Richardson as well. He has a wealth of experience, including strong foreign policy experience, and would be a great asset to the campaign. I think adding Clinton would be a bad move. He’s a “change” candidate who spent the entire primary campaign portraying Clinton as an “establishment” candidate. It would water down his message.

  6. Jay says:

    Bozo the Clown.

  7. Nick says:

    I would love to see an Obama/Edwards ticket, but I think Edwards has already said he wouldn’t accept it. Plus, the smart choice really is to choose Hillary, as much as I don’t like that idea…it is probably what he should do in order to defeat McCain.

  8. Suzi says:

    I’d like to see him pick Bill Richardson, too. Don’t know how that would play politically, but it seems to me that their strengths really complement each other’s. I’m not counting on that one, though. Another great choice would be Gen. Wesley Clark, but I don’t know if he’s even in the political arena these days. Great counterbalance to McCain’s military experience.

    Sad to say, I also fall into the “anyone but Hillary” camp. I appreciate Obama’s (mostly) taking the high road, and I thing she stayed in this contest way too long.

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