No Eyebrow Blog

Hot Chicks With No Eyebrows

Without their eyebrows are these hot chicks still hot?

Rate their hotness now! Tell us what you think!


Don’t let the title fool you. Not all chicks on this blog are, as evident by Hillary Clinton and Texas polygamy cult ladies.

And this is for you, Shawn.

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2 Responses to No Eyebrow Blog

  1. Shawn Wilson says:

    NNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! not my beautiful Scully!!!! Change her back you evil alien!!!!! Oh the pain!!! Scully it’s going to be ok we will get through this. LOL

    Hey man just wanted to let you know that the link for my site on your page is my old name and page. Just letting you know. By the way….send me your address. I got something for you.

    Much love

  2. Gabe says:

    I’m cured!

    But seriously. Scully. Smart is sexy. Good times.

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