Lunch Observation

A few of us went out for lunch today, and included in our group was a guy from India that has only been in the U.S. for a very short time.  Since he’s not a meat eater, it took a little while to find a place, but we decided to eat at a Chinese buffet.

The Chinese buffet had crawfish, and it was the first time he has ever seen such a thing.  He inquired as to what they were, and all I could come up with is that they are the baby lobsters of the river.

As we were finishing our meal the hostess stopped by and gave us our fortune cookies.  This was the first the first time he has ever seen a fortune cookie, and right away told us that something was inside of it, as if something was wrong with the cookie.  We explained the whole ‘tradition’ of the fortune cookie (yes, even the silly “in bed” joke) and lucky for him, he actually had a real fortune.  It read, “You will receive a letter from an old friend.”  I thought that was kind of surprising since most fortune cookies really don’t tell a fortune anymore.

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