Christian College Students Don’t Know Christianity

That’s the thought of Barbara Brown Taylor’s insightful article.  She teaches at Piedmont College and Columbia Theological Seminary.  You can read her article here.

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2 Responses to Christian College Students Don’t Know Christianity

  1. blurdo says:

    I’m so sad for these people. I grew up in the Methodist church – went to Sunday school and services every Sunday. I was even in the Youth group and choir. They covered the whole history of the church – Catholics, Anglicans, John Wesley, etc.

    Then, I went to a private Catholic high school. We were required to take religion classes (no problem in a private school). The classes that I enjoyed most were the Comparative Religions classes. (Religions classes were segregated between Catholic and non-Catholic(heathen, just joking.)

    Anyway, after many years of activity in the Methodist church, I was shocked at how uninformed the other Protestant students were. Some of them didn’t even know who Martin Luther was. Of course, the Jewish students(yes, Jews at a Catholic school) were well informed.

    OK, OK, stepping off the soapbox after a rant……


  2. Vance Maverick says:

    The article has moved — it’s now here.

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