Anyone else heard of this remedy to stop a cough?

Slather your feet in VapoRub to stop coughs. Origin: North America. Goodness knows how this was discovered, but many families swear that covering the soles of one’s feet with Vick’s VapoRub and then a heavy pair of socks will cure nighttime coughs. This remedy isn’t officially endorsed by Vick’s, but it is used widely in North America and said to be very effective.


On a slightly more morbid note, I was once told by a nurse to put a little bit of this stuff in your nostrils before visiting a patient that has an odor issue.  I shared that with a friend and he informed me he does this all the time when he has diaper duty.

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3 Responses to Anyone else heard of this remedy to stop a cough?

  1. sassafrass says:

    yeah my mom told me this last time my 2 year old was sick. my mom (my grandma did the same) never goes to bed without her vicks. that was the first i heard of the vicks on the feet though…seemed to work for my guy (or it was just a coincidence)!!

  2. b says:

    placebo effect

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