$20 for his honesty

What would you do if you found $108,000? A 17-year-old boy from Cedar City was put in this exact situation. He didn’t just find money, he found himself in a moral dilemma.

Jared Gray works as a part-time janitor at Southern Utah University. Weeks ago, he came across a bank deposit bag, lying on the ground at the University. Jared looked around, but no one could be seen.

He could easily have taken the money and no one would have ever known.

“That definitely went through my mind,” said Jared. “I knew what I had to do. I figured I should return the money.”

Jared called his uncle who works at the college. His uncle called a police officer and later, every last dollar was returned.

“It just wouldn’t have felt right to take it,” said Jared.

An S.U.U. spokesperson said that Jared’s honesty is more than they’d expect from a 17-year-old.

“It’s a huge thing for someone to turn in $108,000 that they find laying around,” said Jennifer Burt.

But Jared didn’t even think twice.

“I’d return it again, without a problem,” Jared said.

Jared said that the campus police gave him $20 for his honesty and a campus cashier made him cookies.

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