Random Lost Thoughts

  • I keep having to remind myself that Clair and Jack have the same father.  So I guess that means that last night Jack was helping to raise (or is it rear?) his step-cousin?
  • Jack was reading “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” to Aaron – hello symbolism!
  • Looking at this screen grap, Jack doesn’t have a scare from his appendectomy.  Did the Lost staff make a mistake or did the island healing powers come into play.?  Also, anytime I see the Millenium Falcon I crack up.  What a nice homage to George Lucus.

    For a much larger pic of Jack’s stomach and other screen shots, click here.  That site is a Friday morning must visit for me. 
  • I’m sure all the ladies watching last night were happy to see Jack walk around in nothing more than a towl.  But to balance things out, I know every male was happy to see Kate in nothing more than a man’s dress shirt – which is about the sexiest thing a woman can wear.
  • Jack + Kate = Jate
  • Jin calling out Charlotte being able to understand Korean was great.
  • Rose called Charlotte “Red” – that cracked me up.
  • I must be a little slow because I couldn’t tell that Daniel had a thing for Charlotte.
  • I don’t think it made much sense to send both Charlotte and Miles with Jin and Sun to go fetch the medical supplies.
  • Miles being able to find the bodies of Danielle and Karl was not that impressive.  As shallow as those graves were, you would think you could smell them a mile away.
  • I thought Smokey killed all those soldier people?  Maybe Smokey killed some and these are the survivors.
  • Simply removing a battery from a smoke detector doesn’t shut the darn thing off.
  • Even though it was dramatic, the thought of Sawyer caring for a baby is kinda funny.  Oh, and that whole restraining order thing cracked me up as well.
  • Come on, Kate, don’t hide things from your fiance.   You owe it to him to be open and honest.
  • I bet Kate’s favor to Sawyer has something to do with his daughter Clementine.
  • Jack mentioned that Sawyer decided to stay on the island, which leads me to believe that those that stayed are still alive.  For a while, I thought those that were not part of the Oceanic 6 all died.  But I could still be wrong.
  • Awkward is the best way to describe that “kissing” conversation between Juliet and Kate while Jack pretended to be asleep.
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5 Responses to Random Lost Thoughts

  1. trich76 says:

    i think that would make the baby his nephew… or half nephew as opposed to half or cousin

    also, some smoke detectors do go off if you take the battery out

    I thought all your other thoughts were right on. I laughed out loud at the restraining order thing.

  2. trich76 says:

    i meant as oppossed to being his “step”, they have the same blood line from the father they share in common, just different moms… that would make them half brother and sister which would make the baby Jack’s nephew

  3. bpat says:

    Obviously hard wired into the house. Us poor folks can only afford battery models.

  4. bpat says:

    A smoke alarm beeping like that means you need to change the battery. Removing the battery most certainly shuts them off- no electricity – no beeping.

  5. Geeding says:

    Sorry, bpat, but I will have to disagree with you. We had alarms beeping in GeedingManor, so we removed them from the ceiling and took the battery out and they continued to beep.

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