Random Lost Thoughts

  • So the island is moved . . . this may explain why Jack can not find the island in the season ender last year.
  • You often hear the joke how men always refuse to admit they are lost but women will find their way. That thought entered my mind when Locke found Claire in the cabin. I guess somewhere along the way she asked for directions.
  • This may not make any sense to many of you, but I think Jack’s dad is alive only because the island is in the past and he isn’t dead yet.
  • The producers chose to play a Buddy Holly song at the beginning – he was also involved in a plane crash.
  • When Locke was wheeled to the edge of that stair case I was freaking out.
  • Hurley provides great comic relief – and it was nice of him to share that candy bar with Ben.
  • For the most part I can stretch the plausibility for this show, but when Locke found that paper map in decent condition on Horace’s corpse which has been out in a jungle for 12 years that was a bit much.
  • The best Simpson’s character Locke can be compared to is Frank Grimes. And I bet only three of you understand that statement.
  • If Locke is looking for a them song for his life, I would recommend “It’s A Hard-Knock Life.”
  • There was a picture of Sir Richard Burton in Locke’s locker.
  • I wonder if Orson from Desperate Housewives was the one that ran over Locke’s mother?  Probably not, I’m thinking it was the same guy that drove the bus that ran over Juliet’s husband, who I think is Richard Alpert.
  • Many theorists thinks Locke’s dad is actually Sawyer’s dad Anthony Cooper.
  • Both Ben and Locke are born premature and have a mother named Emily.
  • I don’t think Jack should be following that beacon, he should be running away from it.
  • Here’s the comic that was layed out in front of little-Locke.
  • Here’s another interesting screen grap I found over at LostEasterEggs that compares the painting in Jack and Kate’s house to a past Christian Shepard scene.
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3 Responses to Random Lost Thoughts

  1. momma says:

    I think the show’s motto should be,
    DESTINY: A Fickle Bitch

  2. Pete says:

    I have a post about it on my blog, but I’m beginning to wonder if LOST is going down the matrix route of having multiple allusions to the Christian story.

    I think Ben=lucifer. I think, after writing it, that Jacob=God and this is the story of lucifer’s fall.

  3. Bryan says:

    With all of the goofy elements involving time, are you completely ready to assume that the map was really in Horace’s pocket for 12 years?

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