3 Men Drive Through 48 States In 106 Hours

On Monday, three friends left Maine on a quest to drive through all 48 contiguous states in the U.S. in under 120 hours.

It was all in an effort to break an old Guinness record. Guinness no longer recognizes cross-country speed races officially, but that didn’t stop Joshua Keeler, Joey Stocking and Adam Gatherum from packing up a 2005 Toyota Scion and trying.

On Thursday afternoon they completed their goal and obliterated the unofficial record when 106 hours and 43 minutes after they left Maine, they reached the Four Corners where New Mexico, Colorado, Arizona and Utah meet.

The three guys in their early 20s documented their progress along the way on their Web site, greatamericanroadtrip.us , with pictures, progress updates and blogs. They also used a global positioning system to help document and prove that they had in fact touched all 48 states.

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