Hawk attacks student at Fenway

I think the most interesting part of this story is that a female teacher has the first name of Vince. Does anyone else know of any females named Vince?

BOSTON (AP) — Once again, an A-Rod got an unfriendly welcome from the home of Red Sox Nation.

This time, it was 13-year-old Alexa Rodriguez and not the Yankees All-Star third baseman Alex Rodriguez.

She was touring Fenway Park on a school trip Thursday and was attacked by a resident red-tailed hawk that drew blood from her scalp. Rodriguez wasn’t seriously hurt.

Vince Jennetta, a teacher who chaperoned her class trip from Memorial Boulevard Middle School in Bristol, Conn., told The Boston Globe that Alexa is “a little shaken, but OK.”

The hawk was perched on a railing in the upper deck behind home plate while the group toured the stadium. The hawk flew at the girl and swooped with its talons extended, scratching her scalp.

A single egg lay in the hawk’s nearby nest in an overhang near the stadium’s press booth.

The nest and egg were removed at the direction of state wildlife officials.


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  1. Warren says:

    The she referenced in this poorly written article was the girl.

    You can see Vince in this picture


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