Kwik Kar Tried It Again

The 2004 4Runner with about 50K milkes needed another oil change after our road trip to the West Coast and before we drive to Austin this weekend, so WifeGeeding takes the vehicle to our local Kwik Kar.  This time they recommended a rear differential service.  She smartly said no. 

I’m learning it’s best just to say no to these services and do a little research.  Here’ s what I found:

The front or rear differential service doesn’t need to be performed on a regular basis. It is not a “scam” per se, but it is a way for a repair facility to generate more revenue. You can go to any vehicle manufacturer’s web site and find the maintenance schedules for your specific vehicle. You won’t find any mention of a differential flush or service. Under normal conditions the front or rear differential fluid doesn’t need to be changed as vehicles go 300,000 kms and 25 years with the same differential fluid, or gear oil as it is also referred to, with no adverse effects.  Source

I found that bit of advice from an article about car repair rip-off – overselling what you don’t need or recommending it too soon or often.  It’s a 10 part series and the topics are listed below.  You can click on each of those topics in the link above.  

#1 – Front or rear brake caliper service
#2 – The Fuel Injector Flush
#3 – 2 or 4 Wheel Alignment (selling it before you need it)
#4 – Wheel Balance
#5 – Spark Plug Cleaning
#6 – The Brake Fluid Flush
#7 – Power Steering Flush
#8 – A/C Service
#9 – Throttle Body Cleaning or Service
#10 – Front & Rear Differential Service

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2 Responses to Kwik Kar Tried It Again

  1. dan says:

    This is supposed to be one of the worst years in decades for new car sales. I wonder where the dealerships will make up for those losses?

  2. bpat says:

    They only try these scams on women- assuming they don’t know about cars. A friends wife was told her oil pan plug was stripped and she needed a new oil pan. She called her husband and he brought the records showing the oil changing place was the only one to have ever serviced the car. They then decided they could just put in an over size plug. He said no they told his wife she needed a new oil pan so just put a new one onfree, because you are the ones that ruined the old one. That stopped them from sucking eggs.

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