Easter Memory

My mother always use to give me a chocolate bunny for Easter, and it’s nice to know that WifeGeeding and SisterGeeding continue this tradition.  However, I had no idea that I would get a bunny about the size of my dog.

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3 Responses to Easter Memory

  1. sistergeeding says:

    you get THREEEEEE!!!!!!!! since that’s a two in one deal hehe…. tuna looks like he’s thinking ” i get to eat this when i’m done posing right?”.

  2. editmachine says:

    I lost my mom 2 years ago and she would always give me an in-n-out t-shirt for Christmas and my sister gives me one now and I look forward to it so much. Not for the tshirt, but for the memory of mom.

  3. windie says:

    chocolate is like poison to dogs please never feed dogs it did u know that. w

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