A Little BagOfNothing.com Tune-Up

I’ve done a lot of behind the scenes stuff, but here is a list of things you may notice:

  • Some web browsers will now display a favicon.  A favicon is that little logo or graphic you sometimes see next to the web address or in your bookmarks or favorites.
  • To try to encourage my readers to comment and come back and see what others may have said, there is now a Recent Comments section at the top of the sidebar that will display the top five recent comments.  I can change the number of displayed comments, but will keep it for five for now.  I also get a lot of spam and unwanted comments and will try my best to moderate it all and continue to keep this blog PG-13ish.
  • The Current Poll is no longer a feature since the upgrade no longer supports the code for the poll.  I was never good at keeping that thing current anyways, but may include more polls within posts.
  • Other items of the sidebar have been reordered.
  • No more Amazon.com advertising.
  • The search button no longer says “Go!” but now says “Find.” 
  • The title bar (the thing that says HOME, HAOF, FAQ’S, GEEDINGOLOGY) now displays a little darker color for the page the user is on or on the hover.
  • The links I have provided in the past have been a light blue, they are now a little more of a darker blue to make things easier to read.
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